How I finally quit Red Bull

How I finally quit Red Bull

I don't want to jinx myself, but I've quit Red Bull for good.

If you've been watching my Instagram stories then you probably know what's going on; how bad it's been. If you don't, then let me educate you. I quit Red Bull and it took me two years. 

Anyone who drinks energy drinks the way I used to knows just how much you depend on them. If I didn't have a Red Bull, then I didn't have a day. I depended on them more than a coffee drinker depends on coffee. But I realized quickly that this certain kind of caffeine addiction has some pretty scary consequences.

I especially started to realize this when I began to experience heart arrhythmia. Google it! It's scary. 

But to be frank, I had come to terms with my Red Bull habit. I didn't mind it. It served a purpose. But for starters, it's not exactly cheap. I don't want to know how much I spent in two years drinking a minimum of two per day. 

Being honest, I had doubts when completing tasks such as booking a getaway to Vegas or planning out a day in Nashville. I wanted the hotel to be cool, but I also wanted there to be a 7-11 across the street so I could grab my Red Bull in the morning. My own personal tagline for planning things in life was, "But is there going to be Red Bull nearby?"

I have showed up on dates with Red Bull in hand. I've walked to job interviews with Red Bull in hand. I've drank Red Bull non-stop studying for exams. I've exercised with Red Bull in hand. You could always count on Red Bull to be there by Brenna's side. 

I am not proud of it. It was just a part of my life. 

One of the number one problems with Red Bull, of course, is the health problems, as mentioned above. Red Bull would at times make my heart rev up like crazy. After a while, two Red Bulls weren't doing it because my body had adjusted to the caffeine. That's when I turned the notch up to three a day, and well, you can see a few red flags here. 

Red Bull also becomes a problem in relationships. I had a couple of boyfriends who tried hard to wean me off them. One of them became hooked, so it wasn't exactly a problem anymore. The other one tried getting me to stop by putting the Red Bull at the back of the fridge, not exactly innovative. But if you're hooked on Red Bull then there's not a lot that can stop you. 

At one point in time I couldn't focus on my work without Red Bull on my desk. I actually couldn't focus. I would just stare at the wall or ceiling. It sucked. I'm not saying that Red Bull is more difficult to quit than cigarettes, but it's still pretty damn intense. 

The truth is that I don't drink coffee because it literally makes me throw up and I'm not sure why. Fun fact for you, actually. So now I drink loads of black and green tea. At times I've a little guilty for chugging excessive amounts of it down, but anything is better than Red Bull. 

As for how I quit Red Bull...I just did it cold turkey. Those cans are so small that it's kind of pointless to drink just half of one. You gotta rip the bandaid. That is how I did it. Yep. 

Quit Red Bull, or at least think about it. It only took me two years. 






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