Dating rules that need to be abolished immediately

Dating rules that need to be abolished immediately

We think we’ve gotten dating down to a science.

Since high school we’ve created a manuscript of abstract rules that are supposed to lead us to true love - but it’s all bullshit because none of it makes sense, if you haven’t already noticed.

With that I will say that there are some basic rules you should always follow, but they’re common sense and they come with the territory that is being an adult. You know, things like chewing with your mouth closed, saying thank you, and showing respect in general.

But when I say we need to put an embargo on dating rules, I’m talking about the really stupid ones. They were designed with little thought and they land us in lots of trouble if we’re not careful.

To try and improve the situation that is our trivial love lives, I’ve compiled a list of six dating rules that should most definitely be abolished.

The three day rule

It’s the rule that the guy is supposed to text the girl first not until three days after the first date. During that time the girl just sort of waits around and pretends that she doesn’t care but really she’s having a nervous breakdown. This dating rule should be abolished.

The guy must text the girl first

Apparently there’s no room for an exception here - the girl isn’t supposed to actually initiate a text when dating a guy because that would make her by definition “crazy.” It causes a lot of confusion.


By dating laws ghosting has become socially-acceptable, but I’m not sure why. Both girls and guys do it, and it’s sort of awkward. If you’ve only been on a couple of dates with someone and you’re not interested, you don’t have to provide a long explanation but it doesn’t hurt to at least say you’re not interested.

Don’t be a jerk.

Pretending you don’t care

If the other person pulls a dating faux pas you’re supposed to brush it off and act like you don’t care even if it does bother you. It messes up the communication from the very start and it's a recipe for turning the two of you into insensitive sociopaths.

Avoid serious topics

There’s a time and a place for a serious conversation but sometimes they’re delayed for so long that someone can be misled. In other words, if you never want kids or you plan on moving away, the other person should probably know a few dates in. 

Never talk on the phone

It's almost as though we're scared to talk on the phone or we don't know how to anymore. It's hard to have some conversations via text and messages can be lost in translation. 

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