Project 29

Project 29

I don't really plan my life out. I don't even try. I'm not the kind of person who writes an itinerary to map it all out. That's not my thing. 

Which is why it was difficult for me to create a list of 42 goals this year. Technically that started in February, so I still have a bit of time to figure it all out. But I had hoped that writing a blog was a good way to inspire myself to do a lot of things I've been holding off on for a while. 

I basically just coined this project as Project 29 because I'm almost thirty and it seems like a good time to get this stuff done. And during this experience it's occurred to me that it's funny what a number can do to you - how it can make you act.  

“It’s funny what a number can do to you - how it can make you act.”

Project 29 is a pretty voluminous list so I'm going to give you a little sneak peek of a few goals I decided to set. I present you this list with the caveat that I'm not obsessing about completing all of these because that's weird. Many of these will be achieved this summer despite my hesitation in complying to any sort of plan.

Project 29

#1: Go camping

I generally hate camping but I've only done it a couple of times in my 20s. Things were different when I was a kid though; I've decided to stave off my nostalgia with a short night in a tent accompanied by an effective bottle of bear spray. 

#2: Travel somewhere by myself 

I've travelled places and I don't mind being alone so I'd like to do the both of them together. 

#3: Write a new list of goals for what I'd like to achieve by age 31


#4: Fix my posture 

My back is perma-cramped from sitting at a desk hunched over my Mac. 

#5: Learn how to cook 

Life skills and adulting, ya know. 

#6: Participate in a poetry slam 

This honestly scares the hell out of me. 

#7: Find my tribe

I'm talking about people who live and breathe the same kind of stuff that I do. Writing, documentaries, poor dancing, not using the Oxford comma, Eatmore bars and other interesting things. 

#8: Freelance more often 

Soul food. 

#9: Write two ebooks 

I've almost finished one but the marketing will take more time than anything else. 

#10: Start a blog 

You're reading it.

#11: Write a creative anthology 

Read a few this year and they inspired me. 

#12: Submit to a literary magazine

It would be cool to get published. 

#13: Become Irish 

Why not!?

#14: Do some public speaking

I miss that. Anyone know of some cool opportunities? 

#15: Don't give a fuck about turning 30 

This is very important to me. 


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