35 things you don’t know about me

35 things you don’t know about me

Ok, so here it is. 

I wrote a list of things about myself because I looked around and that's what people are doing with their blogs.

I've already sold out, apparently. 

I've spent a lot of time thinking about how much of myself I'm willing to put out there in the world and that's why this list scares me. I somehow worry about being defined based on my preference of writing or even my hobbies. I have worked hard to protect myself stylistically because I am scared of being put in a bubble that I can't get out of.

As an aside, I just want to say thank you to all those who have reached out after reading my blog. It's really cool to know that people are actually reading it. I would have been happy with just one person, but knowing that I've gotten a few people thinking is what's truly rewarding. 

Ok, let's rewind to this last weekend. I was listening to podcasts and it seems that I need to find a niche for my blog. My problem is that I can't think of a niche that works for me. I'm not full-on fashion, makeup, politics, film, technology, literature, media, photography...not one of these things alone. 

I think my niche is being able to talk about all niches - I do it for a living. The problem is that I've never heard of that before. What would you call it?

I'm interested to know what you think. In the meantime, I've created a list of 35 things you probably don't know about me. 

I'm an Irish citizen and Canadian citizen

Most people would guess that I'm Canadian but last week I became an Irish citizen too. There's a story behind that but I'll save it for an upcoming blog post. 

I’m an editor

I edit a lot of words so I'm reading all day which is awesome. 

But I'm also a writer 

Kind of self-evident considering this blog.

I'm not very structured

I don’t like routine and too much structure. I’m not a breakfast, lunch and dinner kind of person. Some people might call this dysfunctional but I call it creatively-inclined. 

I wear a retainer at night

Super sexy, I know. I grind my teeth like hell - especially when I'm stressed out, so that’s why. Sometimes I just want to go home and put my retainer in, ya know?

Foods I will never care to try

Crocodile, kangaroo, calamari...deer. 

Bad habit

I can't stop drinking RedBull. 

Favourite music

90s and hip hop. Definitely.

Style icon

If I had to choose it would probably be Mary-Kate Olsen because she looks awesome in sweatpants and she gets away with unwashed hair. Lofty standards, I know.

I still don't know how to use Snapchat

Why can't people just use Instagram for everything?

I’m 29

A lot of people assume I'm around 24. I'm cool with that. 

I’m generally low-maintenance

I’d take a dive bar with a cover band over a fancy bar any day so long as there's beer. But sometimes it's nice to go somewhere...nice. 


My dad. 

I grew up in a small town

I grew up in a place that was populated by around just 4,000 people at the time. It's so weird. 

Biggest turn off

Anyone who just walks in the room and throws around negativity like confetti. 

Where I’d like to travel

I’d start with Ireland, hands down. After that it would be somewhere super tropical.

I lift weights

Nothing over the top here, people. I used to be scared of them and I’m not anymore which is awesome because the treadmill starts to feel old very quickly.


Writing. I'd do pretty much anything for my greatest friends. I think I'm a pretty resilient person. 


Mathematics. I'm not good at cooking. 

Worst piece of writing

I wrote journals to chronicle all of high school and the writing is so horrible that I feel embarrassed reading it. 


I seriously can't think of anything. 


Waking up one day and wondering what the hell happened to my life.

Drink of choice

Tequila's good but I'll drink most things. 

Things that I care about

My friends and family are really important to me. I care a lot about the people I work with. 

Craziest thing I’ve ever done

Deciding on a whim to live in Australia and leaving two weeks later. 

Favourite movie

I liked White Oleander a lot but it's depressing and people don't like that. I usually stick to documentaries because learning is great. So I didn't really answer this question. 

Worst time in my life

When I graduated from university I was really uninspired and depressed. I couldn't write anymore. 

Best time of my life

Meeting my friend Sam in Australia and living with her. My year at Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC. When I started my job at Daily Hive.

What makes me happy

My family and my friends. Writing stuff I care about. Passion and the freedom to be creative. Having something amazing to wake up for.

Goals for future

To write what I want and to have people reading it. Be in front of a camera. Create dialogue about contentious issues. To inspire people and to be inspired by others. To take risks.

Favourite weather

I’m all for hot summer days but l've learned how to adapt to our rainy weather too. I write the best when it's raining outside. 

Advice for others

Stand up for yourself, if you don't then no one else will. Get up early to do what you're passionate about. 

Worst place I’ve lived

Saskatchewan was way too cold. 

Most embarrassing moment

Probably messing up a few sentences on TV with thousands and thousands of people watching.  


Writing and being on camera...I love the adrenaline rush that I get. 

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