12 writing mistakes you could be making

12 writing mistakes you could be making

Writing doesn't seem so difficult, does it?

The problem with writing generally isn't that you don't know how to string a sentence together. The real problem is that you might not take into consideration the little things that can make a difference between your work being good or great. 

It's harder than you think. 

I'll never be a perfect writer. The reason why I've been able to turn writing into a career is because I've messed up a lot - and I think that's something most publishers and editors won't tell you about themselves.

So let's look back. For starters, Hemingway consistently made spelling errors throughout his career. He's been gone for a long time but he's still a famous writer. Jane Austen made some pretty legendary grammar mistakes even through her greatest days. Chances are that when you read any book, multiple manuscripts came before the published version. 

A lot of people ask me if it's too late to improve their writing and what I'm trying to say is absolutely not. 

Keeping with my positivity I've compiled a list of 12 writing mistakes to watch out for. They're really easy to learn but you have to put in effort because they're also really easy to make. 

Multiple exclamation marks 

You only need one exclamation mark and you should only use them occasionally. Many people think that using multiple exclamation marks (i.e. "He was so cold!!!!!!!!!!) makes their writing stronger. People use them with good intentions but generally excessive exclamation marks are used to compensate for what could be weak writing - so focus on your tone more than anything else. 

You Capitalize Most Words Because You Think It Looks Better

Don't do it. Only capitalize words in a title or paragraph because you're referencing a brand or something uber official. As an example, you wouldn't capitalize the word 'beer,' but you would capitalize 'Corona.' In a title, you wouldn't say "Girl Of 21-Years-Old Drinks Plenty Of Beer." The only word that should be capitalized is 'Girl' because it's the first in this sentence.

Excessive semicolons

University drilled semicolons into our heads, but they won't take you very far after university. Instead of using semicolons try to break up your sentence with periods instead.

Poor grammar

When in doubt about correct grammar, just Google it. It's that easy. 

Poor spelling

You want to get your spelling right because it makes you look awful on a personal and professional level. If it bothers you then just do some practicing - there are plenty of free resources online. 

You mix up words/contractions 

This kind of falls under grammar and spelling but I wanted to emphasize this because it's SO common. Some people don't know the difference between 'their' and 'there,' 'you're and your,' "its and it's," and so on and so forth. This is one that you need to get on right away if you haven't already.

No self-editing

Your writing is bound to have a slew of errors if you don't look at it when you're finished. Lots of people don't.

Excessive commas

If you're not sure as to whether you need to use a comma then say the sentence out loud to find out if you sound awkward or not. More often than not you don't need a comma. 


Lots of people use italics in their writing and/or they bold words when it's not needed. And it's pretty much never needed. 

Who vs. that

'Who' is used in reference to a person. 'That' is used for animals and other things that are not human. 

Right: "The girl who drinks lots of beer is nice."

Wrong: "The girl that drinks lots of beer is nice."

The Oxford comma

I despise the Oxford comma because it's just another example of excessive punctuation. Some people enforce it because they're stuck in the past. 

Right: "The girl drinks Corona beer, wine and cocktails."

Wrong: "The girl drinks Corona beer, wine, and cocktails."

Punctuation outside of brackets/quotation marks

Many of us think you need to put a comma or period outside of quotation marks/brackets but it's just kind of awkward. Every aspect of the sentence should be within the quotation marks/brackets.

Thanks for reading guys! If you have any questions then leave a comment. 

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